I’m so pleased to say Class Murder is now officially on sale as an eBook and even more delighted that it has already made it into the Kindle Top 20 bestsellers!

This Christmas, for the very first time Geraldine Steel features in her own short story! Killer Christmas is FREE in the ebook of Class Murder, but only over the Christmas period. So if you haven’t downloaded the tenth Geraldine Steel, here’s the link! CLASS MURDER 

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Behind the Dedication

This month’s interview is a departure from my usual interviews with fellow authors as I decided to put a few questions to the man to whom all my books are dedicated. We’ve been together for a long time, but some of his answers surprised me!

What is it like being married to a crime writer?

I was surprised to discover what goes on inside Leigh’s imagination. When I read the first draft of Cut Short, I wondered whether I should buy myself a stab vest but she hasn’t shown any sign of murderous intent yet, outside of her writing.

What do you do while Leigh is busy writing?

I can often be found in the garden, on the tennis court, at Tai Chi classes, or playing bridge. I also enjoy supporting Leigh and we’ve visited some stunning places together – all in the name of research. New Orleans and the Seychelles were among my favourites. I’ve also watched many premiership football matches around the country while Leigh’s been busy in bookshops.

Have you ever been tempted to write a book yourself?

No, creative writing doesn’t come easily to me and I’m not a wordsmith. While Leigh’s tapping away on her keyboard, I’ll be looking at bridge puzzles. I did once think of writing a blog called Travels With an Author, but I never got further than the title.

Has Leigh’s writing changed life for you at all?

Yes, it’s changed my life in many ways. I enjoy travelling, and I’ve met legendary authors like Frederick Forsyth and Lee Child. It has been an exciting experience for me, meeting some of the top authors of our generation.

Finally – do you read Leigh’s books?

Yes. I’m her number one fan. With all of Leigh’s books I want to read them as quickly as possible to find out the ending, yet I also want to slow down because I want to prolong the experience. But it sometimes seems as though she writes books faster than I can read them!

Before I go, I’d like to wish all of Leigh’s readers a wonderful Christmas.

A writer’s life…

Along with the publication of the ebook version of Class Murder, it has been another busy month.

I enjoyed being taken out for lunch by the Royal Literary Society, and spending time with other London Fellows comparing notes.

The No Exit Press evening where my publisher treated us all to our annual festive dinner was another highlight. It’s always lovely seeing Team No Exit. Here I am in Harpenden Books beforehand.

The following day the team braved the cold for the Deadly Alibi Harpenden Big Read, encouraging everyone in Harpenden to read the book. By all accounts the day was a great success and I’m grateful to everyone involved in this initiative. a team!

Following that, we attended the launch party for Peter Murphy’s wonderful short stories Walden of Bermondsey, which I’m looking forward to reading over Christmas.

The Crime Writers’ Association Christmas lunch was yet another opportunity to carouse, overeat, and indulge in engaging conversation.

Here are some of the brilliant board members of the Crime Writers Association.

This was followed by a fabulous evening event at Daunt Books in Cheapside.

On 7th December my activities shifted to the virtual world. For the publication of the ebook for Class Murder my publicist arranged a live interview on Facebook where I answered questions posed by readers. Thank you to those of you who sent in questions! You can watch the interview here. Doing this live was a challenge but I managed to get through the interview without giggling hysterically or putting my foot in it… I think.

After the interview I hosted a virtual launch party on Facebook which I do every year. It is always great fun and if you missed the party this year, do look out for it next year. Everyone is welcome and I have unlimited supplies of virtual Champagne, gin, cakes… whatever you like. If you missed it, please share a glass of Champagne with me now.

I’m very grateful to all the bloggers who generously gave up their time to join in the blog tour for the 10th Geraldine Steel book, and here are links to all their reviews and posts about Class Murder. I really appreciate the support from each of them, with a special thank you to Anne Cater for organising the tour. Follow the links below to find out ten things you didn’t know about Geraldine Steel, and plenty more…

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Thank you for reading my news this month. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break and look forward to chatting to you in 2018. Until then, do keep in touch with me via TwitterFacebook or my website! For now, all that’s left to say is…

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